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    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for your interest in TBMINER.COM. TBMINER is a website providing cryptocurrency mining hardware and mining knowledge services.
    Customers who have purchased miners at TBMINER.COM since April 2018, we are dedicated to providing you with the following services:
    1. New Currency Express
    Regularly send new currency information, new cryptocurrency, few people digging at the start, difficulty is low, and it is easier to get a large number of coins. If the late-stage team continues to innovate, the benefits will be huge. TBMINER will continue to pay attention to the cryptocurrency market and carefully review the new currency.
    2. Mining knowledge service
    Guidance Assist customers in setting up mining machines, setting mining machines, and providing high-quality mining software.

    To customers: We hope that every machine you buy is for making money, not for the sake of cost. TBMINER will look forward to your cooperation with us.

    Risk Warning: To purchase a mining machine and mining is an investment behavior, you should fully understand the investment risk and invest prudently.


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