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    Why work with TBMINER ?
    1. Win-win with the cooperation currency, provide a generous bonus.
    2. Get a more favorable price.
    3. To provide you with better after-sales service, extension the warranty period for free.

    TBMINER’s superiority:

    1. TBMINER has lower prices than the others of the same trade, and we have promotion of the popular products irregularly;
    2. Fast delivery, with good after-sales service;
    3. We can meet the needs of different clients for mining, such as choice of mining machine, the coin of mining and forecast earnings and so on;
    4. We have sufficient customer resources. As every day we receive inquiries from customers from all over the world. The rate of order and reorder up to 70 percent.

    Requirements of being a partner:

    1. With the experience of installation and debugging of the mining machine.
    2. Have a certain understanding of virtual currency.
    3. Can make a reasonable allocation for customer's income plan, guide customers to purchase and help customers to install and debug.

    Bonus system:

    1. The more picking up the goods every month, the more rebate will get.
    2. The greater evaluation from the customer, the more discount will get.

    Penalty system:

    1. Every month should not lower than $2000 to pick up the goods, if one month lower than $2000, there will be no discount price next month.


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