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    How to change US$10,000 into US$100,000? Buy coins or buy miners?

    Tbminer’s research team bases their forecast on three fundamental factors:

    a. Mining results, using ETH as an example.
    For example, in December 2017, a 6-GPU RX580 8GB miner was worth $3,600. At that time, the ETH currency was US$1,200. Delete electricity and shipping costs, you can get 3ETH a year. Meanwhile, if you also get 3,600 dollars to buy coins, you can get 3ETH in the same year, but nothing else, and if you buy a miner, you will not only get the coins, but also own a complete set of machines.

    b. Risk and Stability: Buying miners is less risky and more stable than buying coins
    When the currency price rises, buying coins or buying miners can have the same benefits. When the price of coins falls, nothing can be done to buy coins, but there are many options for buying miners:
    1) Switch the mine pool and dig other coins
    2) Sell the machine for benefits

    c. From a psychological point of view
    Buying a mining machine is more practical than buying coins. The currency is virtual but the mining machine is at least a physical object. No matter if it falls or rises, at least the mine owner can have a spectrum.

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    Be very cautious when investing in cryptocurrency. The scene of digital is very nascent one, and it still has a long way to go. The general outlook is quite bullish, especially when it comes to the two main contenders: Bitcoin and ETH., the outlook on ETH Is even more positive than that of Bitcoin. In the face of increasing inflation, whether buy coins or buy miners, basically both want to increase their own wealth.



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